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General Solar Screen Questions
Solar Screen Maintenance Questions


General Solar Screen Questions


Can solar screens prevent fading from the sun?
Yes, Solar screens will block 80% of U.V. rays that can cause fading.

Can solar screens harm my window?
No, unlike films or stick on's, solar screens never come in contact with the window.
This prevents any damage from occurring.

Can I have a solar screen put onto a curved window?
Yes, our expert craftsmen can fabricate screens for any shape window in our shop.

Why should I do business with Ron's Home Repair and Screen Company?
Quality, availability, affordability, high standards, efficient staff, use of best products
In the industry and excellent reputation.



Solar Screen Maintenance Questions


What kind of maintenance is required for solar screen windows?
Only an occasional cleaning with soap and water is needed.

How do I clean the screens?
All that is required is a simple hosing off with water and then cleaning with a soft bristle brush.

Should solar screens be removed in winter?
Tests show a 15% improvement in thermal performance in homes that leave the solar screens
On in winter. However, screens can easily be removed during winter especially on south-facing
windows if full solar heat gain is desired.




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